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Awful Taste, But Great Execution (25 Pics)

The internet is amazing for many reasons but my favorite is when it displays how brilliant people are. Sure, we need vaccines and cleaner air but what about Crocs carved out of cheese? Someone has to do it and I’m glad they did.

1. But she had to leave home to get that haircut, right?

2. The one Jordan loafers look dope.

3. I said FIAT not FLAT.

4. ‘Merica!

5. Someone does outpizzas the Hut.

6. Carole Baskin’s Nails.

7. These will take hours to put on correctly.

8. After washing your hands for the Millinoth time.

9. This idea had legs.

10. How’d you like to be cooped up here during quarantine?

11. Danny Devito looks good.

12. If it behooves you.

13. Wedding attire.

14. Joe Exotic is in town.

15. Swiss has the hole built in for you.

16. Shut the brights off, man.

17. Vision Dashboard.

18. The all new Ford Stiletto.

19. Oh, that’s your ring finger.

20. This is how salt and pepper are made.

21.Carhartt’s new line for people with soft hands.

22. That’s an expensive dress in Michigan. Bottle return deposits are passive income.

23. I hope they own a bidet.

24. Furniture implants are a new trend.

25. Like having Facebook open on your phone AND your computer.

h/t: r/ATBGE

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