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Parents Are Sharing The Genius Ways Their Kids Have One-Upped Them And We’re Suspicious Of All Children Now

After reading this thread started by writer Ed O’Loughlin, or @edoloughlin on Twitter, I am sleeping with one eye open if I’m in a house with kids. They simply can’t be trusted. At a certain age, children have many of the skills necessary to do what adults can in relation to technology. Maybe even better, since we’re all dinosaurs. But they have much less impulse control. Beware and watch your Apple ID!

O’Loughlin says his youngest daughter hacked the parental control on Netflix with a very simple trick. She greased the buttons and when he input the code, she was able to see what four buttons got pushed. Then she tried all the combos later until she figured it out.

What was she so desperate to watch? Umbrella Academy, which he said elsewhere in the thread is something she’s allowed to watch anyway. She did it for the pure thrill of espionage.

Some parents said they set up these types of challenges deliberately, almost as a test or incentive for figuring out life:

But a lot more have been completely bamboozled many times by their spawn. The replies were full of stories of crafty children pulling one over on adults. Some were both annoyed and proud of their own babies’ sabotage. Others bragged about what they got away with as kids. No one who reads these will ever underestimate a child again:













My friend’s daughter took the iPad into their room for the unlock and recorded it on the family’s Mac in real time. My daughter told me and I thought it was too clever to rat her out. Kids are gonna find a way.

— kamknauss (@mamakamkamk)




the funny part is that I only found out when I discovered a bunch of 3″ square pieces of printed discard pages in cleaning out a random drawer. I had actually read enough of the novel to recognize it in order to go to my library of 1000s and find it.
— Cabarle (@sharperlee)