People Are Describing The Bizarre Things Their Body Does That They’ve Just Accepted

The human body can do amazing things but sometimes we can’t control what it does and you just have to accept it. After all, that’s what makes us unique, right? People are describing the bizarre things their body does in this Reddit thread and it’s a combination of gross, hilarious, and fascinating.

What weird thing does your body do that you just accept?

1. This sounds serious.

No longer accepting it, but for the past six years I have had random bouts of really violent projectile vomiting that last anywhere from 1-12 hours with me vomiting every 20 minutes or so.

2. I’ve felt this!

Sometimes a part of my body just twitches. Shoulder, toe, bicep etc. etc.

It stops after a while but i can never get a good look at it because if i move my head it stops. Doesn’t hurt and only happens every few days.

3. Oof, anxiety.

I subconsciously have my stomach tensed all the time.

I have to concentrate to relax it.

4. This sounds fun.

I have Alice In Wonderland syndrome. It’s a real thing, honest!

Basically, sometimes my brain makes me think that I’m swelling up, like I’m being inflated like a balloon. And I feel all big – like I’m getting too big for the room. That normally happens when I’m starting to feel sleepy.

Occasionally I’ll go the opposite way and feel as if I’m being squashed down from above, like a giant hand is pressing me down into the road and everything is towering above me.

I can normally ‘ground’ myself by feeling myself and reassuring my brain that I’m normal sized if it’s a ‘big balloon’ feeling, or by staring up at the sky then slowly adjusting to the horizon for a few moments if it’s a ‘squashed small’ feeling.

5. Lucky for them, we can’t hang in crowds anymore.

My palms start to itch and swell if I am in a crowded place.

I used to think it was some kind of allergy, but I am noticing recently that the swelling starts whenever I’m in places that make me feel uncomfortable.

6. This sounds like a perk.

“Time of the month” sometimes skips two to four months before continuing as normal.

I don’t even care.

7. Anxiety, right?

If I focus on my heart I start to freak out. In socially stressful situations I feel compelled to find solitude and I do this weird jazz hands thing, which sounds like stimming.

Sometimes I genuinely forget to breathe if I’m mentally distracted.

There’s all sorts of weird shit this body does. I give it like a 3/10 overall.

8. I kinda wish I did this.

I make a weird croak sound with my throat whenever I yawn.

9. Scratching an itch is the best feeling of relief.

Sometimes when I get an itch, I scratch the area that is itching but It feels like I’m just scratching skin and I don’t feel a relief.

But when I scratch somewhere close to the area but not the exact area where it’s itching, It relieves. It’s so weird.

10. That’s too frequent.

For some reason, every other day my body just shivers like somebody is running their hand down my back. I don’t know why. It just happens.

11. Woahhhh, weird.

Sometimes my throat just growls. Like when your stomach growls, but in my throat. If I feel it’s about to happen and try to stop it, it becomes worse

12. This sounds normal kinda.

I get one time hiccups every now and again. Just to make them a bit more noticeable they sound like someone stepped on a squeaky toy, or as someone once thought; a ninja bird squawking behind her.

It’s a great ice breaker if nothing else, it’s worse when I get regular hiccups and it sounds like a puppy going to town with it’s new toy.

13. Who decided to call it “Exploding Head Syndrome”?

I have Exploding Head Syndrome, which is a lot scarier sounding than it actually is– a sleep phase disorder. Basically, when I’m falling asleep I occasionally hear random phantom noises that startle me back awake.

For me, I most commonly hear someone shouting my name, an unintelligible brief yell, knocking on the door, or the doorbell. I’ve noticed over the years that it tends to happen mostly when I’m overtired and/or anxious, and I may not have one for months and then have them every other day for a week.

14. This person loves wearing a mask.

Sometimes when I yawn saliva literally squirts out of my mouth. No idea why, it’s kinda weird.

15. This means someone is thinking about you.

I will just randomly get a huge chill which looks like a mini seizure. People always ask what’s wrong.

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