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Just When You Thought The Internet Couldn’t Get Dumber… (23 Pics)

Bean on Venue and Wilco Men!

It’s time we saw the worst spelling and grammar mistakes the world has to offer. Whenever you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, someone on the internet makes it worse. Well, at least you know you’re not the dumbest person in the world right now.

These spelling and grammar mistakes are not for the faint of hard (sic). Grab some chicken corn on blue and enjoin!

Here are the saddest and funniest spelling mistakes from the internet:

1. I ask this question all the time.

2. But why is the person asking this in the first place?

3. We’re all pedestrians in the walk of Life.

4. I suggest he conduct himself better.

5. He’s all grown up.

6. I’m more of a foot guy.

7. See a dentist and a teacher.

8. Sad to get medical updates via text.

9. This response is raw and uncut.

10. I’m going to faint after reading this.

11. Better than that failed Cuban invasion.

12. This one has too many to count.

13. Written in the stars.

14. Empowering.

15. Everything is political nowadays.

16. Put all my money on Big Red.

17. Idea: a spray that causes paper cuts.

18. You go in there and your pee comes out in an alternate dimension.

19. Impostor!

20. Mmmmm…

21. Police, help! It made me cry.

22. Ice cold.

23. Veterans should get special treatment.


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