Mix In A Little Corgi To Make Any Dog Breed A Lowrider (20 Pics)

I love corgis. Adorable little lowriders. It is strange, however, that anytime there are ever dogs breeds mixed with corgis the dog always comes out as whatever the original dog breed was, with tiny little corgi legs. It’s fantastic.

Twitter user @soapachu breaks it down for us.

1. Dalmation

2. Husky

3. Boarder Collie

4. Mastiff

5. Rottweiler

6. Tibetan Mastiff

7. Basset Hound

8. Newfoundland

9. Australian Sheppard

10. Beagle

11. German Sheppard

12. Golden Retriever

13. Pug

14. Maltese Terrier

15. Bulldog

16. Staffie

17. Sheltie

18. St Bernard

19. Pittbull

20. Great Dane

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Mike Primavera

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