Sometimes The Message Gets Lost In Translation (22 Pics)

Most languages are interchangeable. The translation doesn’t always go smoothly. Luckily, that’s also how we get these funny misspelled signs. They could’ve screwed it up in a variety of ways, but somehow they picked the most hilarious one.

1. Took me a bit for my eyes to get down there.

2. Hail

3. I believe in you.

4. Very informative pork ribs.

5. Well now I’m interested.

6. Hmmm maybe not.

7. How about I make it 100%

8. Occupied.

9. Badass.

10. Come at me, Santa.

11. *Borat voice*

12. Sorry, Al.

13. I guess they ain’t wrong?

14. True.

15. Me too.

16. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

17. Yarg.

18. But if you can, why not?

19. The job title I’ve been chasing.

20. Can I get 10,000 of these made?

21. Nice.

22. Good business model.

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