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These Bootleg Products Are Ridiculous, But Someone Is Obviously Buying Them (33 Pics)

Thanks to @uglybootleg on Instagram, these monstrosities have a home. Bootleg products are laughably bad, but someone is buying them or they wouldn’t exist. I get buying off-brand products. I was raised on them. But and obviously and strangely counterfeit Morky Moose? Who is that for?

1. This Wookie looks Wonky.

2. I don’t remember R2-D2 packing heat.

3. Gremlins if you never got them wet or fed them after midnight.

4. “I’m back. You killed me, Bert.”

5. How He-Boy became He-Man.

6. Actually, this is pretty dope.

7. No idea what’s happening here.

8. Wolverine & Magneto? No. Wombat and Magenta.

9. Hold my calls.

10. Ceramic class Pikachu. D-

11. How do I get that 20-pack?

12. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

13. I doubt that.

14. He’s seen some sh*t.

15. Ok then.