Coworkers Can Really Make Or Break A Job (25 Coworker Memes)

A lot of people are working from home right now and that doesn’t change that coworkers are finding a way to still be a pain in the ass. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or a restaurant, people are the same everywhere you go and that means these coworker memes will always hit the spot. Some coworkers are really cool and others are the worst people you have ever met. Either way, the best part is quitting, saying you’ll definitely visit, and then never talking to any of them again.

1. Why are you like this?

2. We better not make the same amount.

3. No no no, not the divorce.

4. Give it time!

5. I could not care any less.

6. You better tell our supervisor who helped you.

7. I’m dead inside.

8. Aw, how sweet!

9. So that was a lie.

10. Best friends forever.

11. Need a reference?

12. Brown nosers, ugh.

13. Absolutely not. Thanks though.

14. Let me draw a circle on here for you.

15. No thanks.

16. It’s a no from me dog.

17. It’s like you know I’m lazy.

18. I’ve been there.

19. We would get a RIP cake in the breakroom.

20. Not even drinks, thanks though.

21. Hey Tom.

22. JK I need a new job.

23. Rick, I will kill you.

24. What do I do now?

25. Do not touch my stuff.

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