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50 Reasons “Why You Should Have A Cat” According To Twitter’s “Why You Should Have A Cat”

Owning a pet is like having an extra family member. I never had pets growing up but my brother and I would try to convince our mom to let us get a cat. My argument was that they’re low maintenance and you don’t have to take them for walks.

The “Why you should have a cat” Twitter account is self-described as the “perfect account to show to your parents when you want a cat.” They share pics of cats that will make it hard for your parents to say no.

1. They’re basically tiny lions that can’t eat you.

2. They’ll fit right in.

3. They’re great at hide and seek.

4. They’re affectionate.

5. They never let go (of your heart)

6. They wear their heart on their fur.

7. They’re fun to hang out with.

8. They will make you laugh.

9. Did we mention cats are adorable?

10. They will take care of you.

11. They always know where your phone is.

12. They’ll trap you with their cuteness.

13. Instead of holding hands they hold tails.

14. They’re always on your mind in some way.

15. Cats are funny and they don’t even know it.

16. Cats are always comfortable.

17. They’re curiosities will make you laugh.

18. Look at those paws…

19. Cats are ride or die.

20. We have a lot in common.

21. They’re always hanging out.

22. They were once worshiped as a deity.

23. Cats take the shape of their containers.

24. They know how to share.

25. They’re photo ready.

26. You’ll want to get a tattoo of them.

27. Cats are smart.

28. Impeccable balance.

29. Cats are friendly.

30. They’re derpy.

31. They’re like panthers but tiny and you can live with them.

32. You’ll want to give them everything.

33. They’d make a great villain in a movie.

34. Kids love cats.

35. They’ll stay inside and hang out.



38. They dress like us!

39. We share the same struggles.

40. They find the best spots to lay.

41.  Cats like to try new things.

42. Cats are a great study buddy.

43. They fit in your pockets!


45. Cats are playful.

46. They’re always up to something.

47. They’ll win you over with their cuteness.

48. Cats just want to be loved.

49. Always cozy.

50. They’re strong as hell.

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