23 Of The Funniest Tweets From Women Ever (This Week)

Hope everyone had a nice start to their civil war this week! Things have been pretty wild this week as it seems like the new year didn’t make anything better and this is actually just 2020 part 2. Anyway, these excellent ladies found a way to be funny through all of the madness and I am thankful to them for it. Head to Twitter and give them a follow if you like them!

1. Never met her.

2. Don’t get between me and the cookie butter.

3. Fumbling the bag.

4. Looks like the shark loses again!

5. Just your whole attitude.

6. Hot takes don’t go very far with typos.

7. I am the baffled king.

8. I’d love to skip to the next episode.

9. I won’t be sleeping tonight!

10. Let’s take it from the top.

11. Great work, ladies.

12. Maybe a cozy night in to celebrate?

13. Zack with a Ks in fraternities around the world are furious.

14. It never ends!

15. Don’t you dare unsponsor our child.

16. You’ll have my feedback shortly.

17. So polite!

18. Every time.

19. Guess you guys hate fun.

20. And big pricetag.

21. What a fool!

22. What a brilliant child.

23. You’ve made it!

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