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Map Shows The Deadliest Animal In Each US State

Just because we’re the top species on the planet doesn’t mean we’re the toughest. In fact, we are physically useless when it comes to most animals. Fleshy balloons of blood.

America has all kinds of animals. The biodiversity is off the charts. This also means there are plenty of animals that could kill you. We’re no Australia, but we do alright.

Man vs. Beast made a map showing which animals are the biggest threat to humans in each US state. Some may surprise you. I, for one, didn’t know deer killed so many of us.

Man vs. Beast

I know what you’re thinking. How are deer taking out so many people? Well, one on one a deer probably isn’t going to be a problem. However, hitting a deer while driving is a different story.

Here are some helpful tips for driving in highly populated deer areas. You only have to hit, or almost hit one before you think about it forever. Please be safe out there.

Man vs. Beast

Insect deaths are easier to understand. Bees and wasps, as well as scorpions and spiders. Parts of the south, the Pacific Northwest, and I definitely wouldn’t go walking around in Texas.

Man vs. Beast

If you’re looking to relocate to a new state, it might make sense to give this chart a look. The data speaks for itself. The more deer, the more deaths. They love the open road.

Man vs. Beast

With the rest of the world, it gets a little more sketchy. Especially in Africa and Australia. Everything ate the deer, and they’re eying you up next.

I know the beaches in Australia are incredible, but it’s basically a giant soup filled with monsters. Your friend’s pee isn’t going to fix that jellyfish sting.