28 Photos From Confusing Perspectives You’ll Need To Look At A Few Times To “Get”

These photos weren’t taken with any kind of special camera. In fact, anyone could have taken them if they were in the right place at the right time.

As with most art, timing is everything. That, and perspective.

Thankfully, there’s an entire Reddit page devoted to sharing the silly, strange, and spellbinding photos that require the viewer to look at a few times before they figure out what’s happening in them.

Each of these photos is like an Escher painting. You’re left confused, aroused (intellectually), and then finally satisfied when you figure out what you’re looking at.

Here are the most interesting photos from a confusing perspective:

1. Dance…

2. Found on Tinder. Muppet woman?

3. Is she being held up by her foot or hair?

4. Took a picture of a pizza and notice my cat looked 2D.

5. Making an exercise video; talent is so well lit in the gym that in the reflection behind us it looks like she’s stretching in the parking lot.

6. smol head

7. Levitating brownie.

8. I mistook its nostrils for eyes and its teeth for a nose! (Photo credit to u/spike-tail-turtle)

9. Fourteen shades of sheep.

10. They are not holding a wine glass.

11. A powerful vodkamancer performing mystical rituals.

12. Massive explosion outside my window


14. Looks like a tiny man next to four people.

15. Fridge for sale.

16. Horned Cat

17. A little disk in the ground covered in dirt.

18. School basement hallway.


20. Picasso Cubism in Photography

21. Hand looks like it’s coming out of her chest.

22. Noah doing handstand naked.

23. Though he usually keeps it hidden, Paul Hollywood actually has a tiny, backwards hand.

24. T-Rex arms.

25. A cute cat.

26. floating head with antenna.

27. There is no hole.

28. Shy chair leg.

h/t Reddit: r/ConfusingPerspective