29 Famous Photos From Angles You’ve Probably Never Seen

Seeing how the proverbial sausage gets made is often bad. These alternate angles on iconic photos, however, prove that old adage wrong.

Movies, concerts, famous moments in history were all viewed by many different people from many different perspectives. Luckily, a few people snapped photos of these moments so we could see more of the world unfiltered.

Frankly, I don’t like the white-washed version of a beautiful photo or movie. I want to see those raw awkward moments from the other side. Otherwise, I’ll think every piece of art and every photo ever taken was “born” perfect.

Truthfully, everything is a process. The moon landing didn’t go off without a hitch and people on TV sets aren’t surrounded by beauty at every moment. These photos cleared that fantasy up for me.

Here are the most interesting photos of iconic moments taken from a perspective you likely have never seen before:

1. Charles Ebbets taking the iconic “Lunch atop A Skyscraper” (1932)

2. It’s gold, Jerry!

3. When the moon blocks your view of the Earth, that’s… interesting!

4. Climber watches Mount St. Helen’s erupt from 37 miles away.

5. Dodgers Stadium in LA.

6. The Godfather.

7. Entrance to the White House from the inside.

8. The other side of the I Have A Dream speech.

9. The Windows 10 graphics weren’t CGI.

10. A newscast with no green screen.

11. What was inside Cujo? You guessed it. An actor.

12. What it looks like when you’re on Family Feud.

13. Nirvana’s Nevermind photo shoot.

14. Woodstock, 1969. My parents were there, I swear.

15. The Jeopardy! podium, host’s view.

16. Jaws.

17. An early sketch of American Gothic.

18. The Friends Fountain.

19. The set of I Love Lucy.

20. The other side of the wheel on The Price Is Right.

21. The other side of the Sphynx.

22. The other side of Mount Rushmore doesn’t have a face on it, but there is something there.

23. Underneath the stage of a music festival.

24. Lincoln Memorial before the reflecting pool existed.

25. The Gateway Arch.

26. A sunset from space.

27. Buzz Aldrin taking the famous photo of Neil Armstrong.

28. One of the most RT’d photos on Twitter.

29. Getting ready for the Abbey Road shot.

h/t Reddit: r/AlternateAngles