We Are Nothing But Weirdly Fascinating Bones — 22 Rare X-Rays Of Living Things

X-rays sort of creep me out. There’s just something in my head saying, “We’re not supposed to see our insides like that!”

X-rays are typically done when something goes wrong, but thanks to the people of Reddit, we have all sorts of random x-rays we can look at. From a baby’s hand to a hammerhead shark, these x-rays will give you a strange look at our insides.


1. “An x-ray of a child’s hand.”

2. “An X-Ray of a 10 month old baby”

3. “X-ray of a pregnant dog”

4. “A cool X-ray we took from a Frenchie in labour.”

5. “X-ray of a pugs skull”

6. “An X-ray of a healthy but fat snake for some feed relief”

7. X-Ray Of A Rat

8. “Head X-ray of my chinchilla”

9. “X-Ray of a Gymnast Doing a Full Scorpion”

10. “X-Ray of a Flying Bat”

11. “I didn’t know you can do a motion X-ray”

12. “Side View of a Full Spinal Fusion”

13. “X-ray of my egg bound chicken”

14. “An X-ray of a pregnant cats belly.”

15. “What a hammerhead shark looks like under an x-ray”

16. “Dental x-ray of a 7-year-old”

17. “I dislocated my jaw… while eating cereal.”

18. “An X-ray of a Stingray”

19. “X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle.”

20. “I have 6 toes on my left foot know as hexadactyly . Here’s the X-ray”

21. “A patient experienced claustrophobia and had a panic attack during a CT scan.”

22. “Found on Twitter: puppy paws!”