People Are Sharing The Stingiest Thing Someone Has Ever Done To Them (23 Tweets)

It’s okay to try to save money and pinch pennies now and then, but cheap people are total jerks to be around. People over on Twitter are sharing the stingiest things someone has ever done to them and they have good reason to be upset!

If you need to save money and you use your friends as a way to squeeze by, you really suck. I hope you try to pick up $20 you found on the ground today and it’s one of those fake Jehovah Witness fliers.

1. $100 a week per kid? Can you keep them longer?

2. Please never insult me by giving me money.

3. I hope he gives her two Clue games next year.

4. That’s what they made for 30 hours of work in his day.

5. Wouldn’t want to splurge.

6. Can you also lend me $10 for a beer?

7. Seems like he picked incorrectly.

8. What a Christmas bonus!

9. Nelliot should be so grateful!

10. Next time I’m parking in the boss’ spot.

11. It’s my voucher, I can do what I want to.

12. That’s it, I’m calling Netflix.

13. Dating on a budget.

14. Real potheads share.

15. I might send them a bill.

16. Capitalism, baby.

17. Are they divorced now?

18. How dare you kill the holiday spirit.

19. So glad he’s an ex now.

20. Next one is on you!

21. Some people don’t know the value of a great pair of sweats!

22. Ah. Looks like I’m tipping more.

23. Yeah, that was really bad.

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