30 Completely Normal Photos Taken From Very Confusing Perspectives

These photos weren’t taken with any kind of special camera. In fact, anyone could have taken them if they were in the right place at the right time.

As with most art, timing is everything. That, and perspective.

Thankfully, there’s an entire Reddit page devoted to sharing the silly, strange, and spellbinding photos that require the viewer to look at a few times before they figure out what’s happening in them.

Each of these photos is like an Escher painting. You’re left confused, aroused (intellectually), and then finally satisfied when you figure out what you’re looking at.

Here are the most interesting photos from a confusing perspective:

1. He’s just on top of the closet.

2. For a split second, I thought Derek Truck’s guitar cable was coming out of my TV and I was very confused.

3. not two separate pictures

4. Alien invasion (ceiling lights reflecting on glass window)

5. I have had this picture for 8 years from a time a friend caught me on TV. I recently shared it at work and was asked about the giant head to my left. I never noticed this and also, I cannot make sense of it at all!

6. A single photo of some trees and water

7. Those trees though..

8. Fewthis image of sky that looks like a body of water but isn’t

9. log dog

10. a very long finger

11. lunch date

12. tiny diver

13. long moo

14. legs

15. A perfect fit

16. Petrol head Goldie

17. a horse, of course

18. stretch pick pocket

19. Camouflaged Feline (took me about 3 minutes to find it)

20. Don’t worry, it’s just a sunset reflected

21. See thru shoes?

22. what is happening???

23. “You’re just gonna feel a little pinch.”

24. lil buddy

25. pinecone?

26. A floating ship

27. just a mud bath

28. That’s one big kitty.

29. Whose legs?

30. hmmm

h/t Reddit: r/ConfusingPerspective


Mike Primavera

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