‘I asoom the missing gift was an oversight. I will give you 2 weeks to fix this.’ — Little Boy’s Mildly Threatening Letters To Santa Go Viral On TikTok

Jeremy, a young boy, was determined to ensure that his Christmas list was completed. When he did not receive everything he had requested for Christmas, he became angry and wrote a harsh letter to Santa.

TikToker Kodi Mink found the letter amusing, but it is possible that Jeremy’s behavior may have earned him a permanent spot on the naughty list.

The conversation between Santa and Jeremy started with a letter from Jeremy.

Dear Santa, I am writing this the day after Xmas, and I am very sad I only received one of the two presents I asked for.

Watch as Jeremy’s complaint takes a turn for the worse in this video.


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Despite his dissatisfaction, Jeremy decided to let Santa off the hook this time, considering he had eaten the cookies that were left for him.

Jeremy then issued an ultimatum.

I asoom the missing gift was an oversight. I will give you 1 week too fix this.

Santa replied with a typed letter explaining the reason why Jeremy only received one present.

Dear Jeremy, I am sorry you are disappointed with your presents. You asked for two very expensive presents, and Santa can only do so much.

Santa offered some wise words, stating:

You need to be grateful for what you have, not upset about what you don’t.

Refusing to be swayed by the demands of a misbehaving child, Santa said:

If you continue to complain, I will have no choice but to add you to the naughty list next year.

Unfortunately, Jeremy did not seem to take Santa’s advice to heart and responded with even less politeness in his next letter.

“Hey Fatty,” Jeremy began his letter, continuing with:

Your threats don’t scare me. I played your game and you did not deliver. This is not ok. I will give you 1 week and then you will pay. – Jeremy

Mink had difficulty reading the postscript of Jeremy’s letter, in which he expressed confusion about why Santa cared about the cost of presents when he had “elf slaves” to make things for him.

Jeremy also accused Santa of enslaving his helpers and called him out, saying:

naughty for having slaves.

Mink found Jeremy’s boldness amusing and laughed as he shouted:

Period, Jeremy! Tell that fat b*tch!

However, the exchange between Santa and Jeremy did not end there and the situation became more serious.

Santa responded to Jeremy with a letter reprimanding him for his bad behavior.

Because you cannot be happy with what you have, I have talked to your parents and told them to take away your Wii U. Now you have nothing.

Santa also indicated that he may reconsider his decision if Jeremy improves his attitude.

You will need to be an extra good boy next year if you want to make it back on the nice list.

Attempting to have the final say, Jeremy expressed his frustration with Santa’s “trick” of contacting his parents.

You are on my naughty list right now.

The situation took a dark turn when Jeremy threatened Santa.

Be afraid. You look slow and easy to kill. Enjoy your cookies next year because they will be poisoned.

Jeremy ended the letter with:

I hope you die, Jeremy.

It seems that Jeremy’s threat may have called for backup.



Nate Armbruster

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