25 Whole Foods Memes That Are Certified Organically Funny

If you’re a fan of Whole Foods, you’ll love these memes that are certified organically funny.

These Whole Foods memes poke fun at the organic grocery chain’s pricey products and health-conscious clientele, and the best part is they’re completely free.

The next time you find yourself at Whole Foods wondering what the heck people need “Guac-Kale-Mole” for, think of these funny memes. I know I will.


whole foods memes - ron swanson meme - overheard at Whole Foods. Um, I need to read the numbers on the barcode aloud to you. I don't want any lasers touching my food.


whole foods memes - too far even for you whole foods


whole foods memes- when I'm about to go grocery shopping at whole foods Margot Robbie


whole foods memes - When u go to Whole Foods but u forget ur recyclable grocery bag


whole foods memes - shopping at any other store vs shopping at whole foods - Winnie the pooh tuxedo


whole foods memes - if lay's made avocados


whole foods memes - whole foods is out here tearing families apart


whole foods memes - If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn't need to waste so much plastic on them


whole foods memes - this is how straight white couples in whole foods look deciding between kale and arugula floppydisque


whole foods memes - whole foods employee catches me stealing valuable artichoke water and tries to apprehend me but i quickly jump through one of his gauges and escape tumblr post


whole foods memes - physical fitness when you ask for directions to whole foods


whole foods memes - when you go to a whole foods store and spend 80 bucks on snacks - some would consider this food all natural


whole foods memes - the guy at whole foods telling me how great a vegan diet is


whole foods memes - this one sparks joy this one does not marie condo


whole foods memes - organic, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, artificial color-free, dairy-free, all-natural, vegan candy canes. Proof that Whole Foods can suck the joy out of ANY food product


whole foods memes - ran into this gentleman at Whole Foods who felt oddly familiar so I snagged a picture think he noticed


whole foods memes - can they release new vegetables Tumblr post


whole foods memes - whole foods announced that a Prius left their lights on in the parking lot and now I have the store all to myself


whole foods memes - founders of whole food look like hipsters who would shop there


whole foods memes


whole foods memes - my cousin bought these at whole foods - asparagus slim jim


whole foods memes - oh you shop at whole foods please tell me how amazing it is willy wonka


whole foods memes - when you bump into your crush at whole foods and reach for the same kombucha flavor


whole foods memes - when vegans go to the market


whole foods memes - pov you bought cake from whole foodss