British Tiktoker Shares The 5 Ways To Avoid Street Salesmen We’ve All Used Once Or Twice

Picture this: you’ve just finished a long day at work, and all you want to do is breeze through the grocery store aisles, grab your essentials, and head home to unwind. But as soon as you step foot outside, a group of enthusiastic individuals wielding clipboards and wearing bright smiles ambushes you. Their mission? Convincing you to sign their petitions for a cause you may or may not have ever heard of.

Well, what if you had some ways to get out of this irritating interaction locked and loaded? Lucky for you, British Tiktok comedy group @wearejoketv broke it down for you.

1. Fake foreign language

I mean, sure, say “I don’t speak English” is English, but maybe that’s the only phrase you know. Mr. Clipboard doesn’t know that., F*ck him.

2. My transport is departing.

Who can argue with that? If your transport is ready to go, it’s ready to go. Got to hit the road, Jason Statham.


The power, the poise, the presence. Power walking is too much to stop. Maybe a fast walk, but not a POWERWALK.

4. The fascinating phone call.

Even the most extroverted clipboard jockey would interrupt the most captivating phone conversation. Walk on by.

5. Screw you.

If all else fails, raw aggression usually gets the job done. However, I’d leave this one for a last resort. Like, if the clipboard guy follows you home or something. IT HAPPENS.

Check out the full sketch here:


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Mike Primavera

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