Disney Princesses Reimagined As Residents Of Different US States By MidJourney AI

In recent years, the advancement of AI art has led to a surge in digital art experiments, such as portraying US presidents as Pixar characters.

However, the most recent Midjourney project from the MidJourney AI subreddit has captured the attention of digital art enthusiasts and Disney fans alike. This project involves transforming Disney princesses and non-princess characters into residents of various US states.

If you’ve ever wondered what Snow White would look like if she were from Texas or what Belle would look like living in Alabama, this thread is for you:

1. Belle/Alabama

2. Jasmine/New Jersey

3. Megara/Colorado

4. Moana/Florida

5. Aurora/California

6. Snow White/Texas

7. Elsa/Alaska

8. Anna/Oregon

9. Ariel/Maine

10. Tiana/Louisiana

11. Rapunzel/Iowa

12. Cinderella/New York

13. Esmeralda/New Mexico

14. Merida/Tennessee

15. Mulan/Montana