20+ Multiple-Pet Owners Share The Petty (And Hilarious) Drama Between Their Pets

Pet parents know how dramatic our furry friends can be. In that regard, they’re like kids. You gotta teach them to share, and be kind to each other. But at the end of the day, they’re animals and while they may be nice, they’re still gonna fight over who gets to lay on the dog bed sometimes.

Someone decided to ask multi-pet owners on Reddit about the pet drama going on in their houses and pet owners delivered their funny stories. Here’s how commenters responded.

People with multiple pets, what is some pet drama going on between them right now?




My flock of chickens is very dedicated to my rooster and obeys his every command—with the exception of one hen named Vicky. She doesn’t give a f**k about him and only wants to hang out with us humans. She follows us around and is just super friendly and cute and chatty, and of course, we spoil her with delicious treats all day. When I weed the garden she’s right behind me, scratching up the soil like she’s helping me lol and eating all the newly exposed bugs. She’ll walk up to us, look up, and say “hmm-hmm?” like she’s asking, “What’s goin’ on?” The other hens are always by the rooster’s side, but she comes and goes as she pleases.

Rooster can’t stand it. He does everything he can to get her attention, like making the “I found food” call and picking up a random pebble to pretend it’s a treat he found. She figured out this ruse very quickly.

If she starts to run toward us he’ll run ahead of her, stand in her way, and stomp his little rooster feet. She just runs past him, lol.

He gets especially mad when she’s late coming back to the coop at the end of the day because she’s hanging out with us, and he tries to herd her back over to it. She doesn’t give a F**K and just sits on the porch with us, and we all watch him run around screaming and having a fit because she doesn’t want to go to bed yet. It’s hilarious.

Somehow she’s still like #2 in the pecking order tho, she’s an alpha chicken

Edit: here is [Vicky](https://i.imgur.com/uzuSsau.jpg)

And [here’s](https://i.imgur.com/Fk77pwa.jpg) a blurry picture of the rooster puffing up in rage because I gave some corn to his wife




We have two donkeys, Geriatric donkey and Chonky donkey. Chonky has separation anxiety and freaks if she can’t see Geriatric donkey. Geriatric donkey is too skinny and on a special high-protein diet. Chonky donkey is, well, chonky, and is on a diet, which she hates (but is looking much better).To keep Chonky donkey out of Geriatric donkeys food, I have to separate them. Now Chonky donkey is upset to be separated from Geriatric AND upset she can’t steal Geriatric’s much yummier food.

Upset donkeys are LOUD.



Mike Bird

My ducks are so dramatic about sharing their pools. I have three ducks and two pools, one green, one pink. All three have decided the pink pool is their favorite and fight over who gets to be in it. They all three can fit comfortably in one pool, but they chase each other out and “fight” about who gets to be the only one in there. It’s hilarious to watch. This spring, I’m buying new pools. Three all pink ones lol.

They also bully the wild birds and squirrels. And when they hear the neighborhood dogs start barking, they run to the back fence and start quacking really loud.



Marián Šicko

The cat continues to give zero f***s the dog even exists. Dog finds this unacceptable.



Andreas Schmolmueller

We have a new foster dog who is terrified of the world and everything in it. She’s been cowering in the corner of the kitchen for days, but she’s just now getting brave enough to start coming out to solicit attention. Our resident dog is jealous so she keeps coming over to try to steal the attention. The foster dog loves the resident dog, and seems to get braver when she’s around, so that makes her more willing to come out. So resident dog’s jealous is accidentally feeding the bravery and socialization of the foster. (She doesn’t realize it, but that’s exactly what we were hoping would happen.)




I have a girl cat that doesn’t get along with her two younger brothers (who are peas in a pod). They chase her and she runs and hisses, absolutely terrified.. We were at our wits end because they aren’t violent kitties except to her.

Then we started watching her behavior more closely and noticed how she would play with them when she didn’t think we were watching. Sit by them, show her belly, even groom them. As soon as she noticed we were in the room she’d act like they attacked her, even if they hadn’t done anything. Eye opening for sure.



Liudmyla Denysiuk

Two cats and a hedgehog. The cats are in disbelief that the hedgehog not only eats dry cat food as her diet (the audacity!) but also that she gets a heat lamp and they don’t.
They are likely plotting a revolt.



Tomáš Malík

My horses who are bffs got a new buddy. Buddy likes both horses. Horse 1 likes buddy, horse 2 does not, so now original two horses are in a rough patch in their friendship. Feels like a cliche issue between highschool girls.



Daniel Tuttle

i have a cat & chickens. one of my chickens chased my cat yesterday and now she’s hiding in my room



kevin turcios

My cat has discovered my dogs bed, that he rarely uses, is bigger than hers. My dog has discovered she is using his neglected bed and has now decided he MUST use it immediately when he sees her on it. He barks at her and boops her with his nose, she just gets even more comfortable and looks at him as if to say “ya right kiddo, you know who’s boss around here!”

She is an 8 year old hairless cat named Mew, and he is an almost 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux named Wilfred. 🥰



EVG Kowalievska

My orange cat alternates between seeing my Xolo as his best friend and tasty prey. I’ve seen them cuddle happily and play with toys together. I have also seen the cat wake up, stretch, walk over to the sleeping Xolo just to smack him and calmly go back to his sleeping spot. My German shepherd has figured out how to take a bite of her water and hold it in her mouth. She will then find the sleeping cat and dump the water on the cat. The cat understandably hates this. My German shepherd takes endless delight in this. I recently bought an air tag for my keys because my Xolo has always been a kleptomaniac and he has a new hiding spot I have yet to find.



David Clode

My dog stole the blueberry my conure was eating so she fluffed up and head down charged at him and chased him around the room



Syed Ali

Two cats. Our older one likes to lay directly beside the automatic water fountain, guarding the “watering hole” like a predator lying in wait. Then our other cat comes up and wants to drink, but she won’t let him. So he just licks the top of her head until she moves enough for him to get water.

Yup, high drama, will be selling the movie rights later this year.



Angelo Martucci

One of my cats wanted a piece of premium canned tuna, and then his sister came and b***h slapped him, presumably because he wouldn’t stop yelling. Now he is sulking on his own in the corner and wouldn’t even look at us.



Alena Koval

There’s a prime comfy spot that one of my cats loves to sleep in and the other sits there just so she can’t. I swear she even has a smug look on her face while doing it.



Fuu J

Two of our cats have an odd situation with their allogrooming.

One cat, the elder, has a normal cat tongue. Not smooth, but not painful. She’ll groom the younger cat whenever they’re feeling affectionate enough to not fight each other for space on a bed, window, etc.

The younger cat has a set of small, freshly sharpened knives for a tongue. Once the elder cat is finished grooming her, she’ll get up and try to reciprocate. Except, if we let her groom the older cat for more than a minute, she ends up with one of the elder cat’s claws sticking out of her forehead.

The younger cat, of course, has no idea why this keeps happening, and thus keeps trying to offer return-grooming services, to the same results, every time.

So we’ll be watching TV or going to sleep, and all of a sudden we’ll hear the *Schliiip, schliip* of the younger cat’s ridiculously sharp tongue grating against the older cat. We have to rush into whatever room they’re in (and it is loud enough to be heard in other rooms) and separate them before it goes on too long.



Christian Hernandez

We have a Pigeon thats half blind and can’t fly that started using our tortoise’s terrarium as its house in winter.

Problems began when we started letting our tortoises outside in summer since they would randomly meet inside of it and the pigeon would panic.

Now he has learned that the tortoises are harmless so now they just chill

Edit: Okay this got way too much attention I was expecting, I will look around to see if I have some pictures around, despite the pigeon being with us for almost like 2 years, he’s still scared of us so taking close pictures of him or him inside the terrarium makes it go buckwild so we really don’t try to take pics at all but I will have to check my archives.

As for the whole social animal issues, don’t worry, we have an enclosed 4-walled yard so the pigeon goes out and chills with other pigeons and birds throughout the day so it gets to do socials without a worry.

Edit 2: Didn’t find a pic of the whole family together but a pic of the pigeon inside the terrarium chilling https://i.imgur.com/mISAePZ.png just to prove it’s real. It’s a bit low for a pigeon but keep in mind it can’t fly, goes in on its own will and is free for the rest of the day except the night.



Seven Song

The constant drama at our place is our fat cat is always trying to steal the little cat’s food. He won’t even finish his own food before he’s trying to nab hers, even though they’re fed in separate rooms. Someone needs to be on constant watch while they’re eating, or else she won’t get anything, poor thing.



Valeriia Harbuz

Here’s my pet drama: My runt Jack Russell (Lil Bit; 5 lbs) stole my miniature pinscher’s (Barli; 15 lbs) favorite toy and refuses to give it back. She won’t play with it unless Barli is looking directly at her but gets super spiteful if Barli tries to snatch it back. I’ve given it back to Barli a few times but Lil Bit finds a way to get it again.

Note: Lil Bit has an almost identical toy just in a different color.



Callum Shaw

The cat desperately wants to play with the dog. The dog, who played with our last cat like best friends, absolutely refuses to have anything to do with her.

It makes me sad, I feel bad for both of them.



Nate Armbruster

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