Travel Agent Attempting To Book Hotel Room For Client Is Left Speechless When The Site Asks If She Wants To Add On A “Fart”

Booking a hotel room comes with a certain level of anticipation—comfortable beds, friendly service, and perhaps a nice view.


But what about those unexpected “extras” that hotels sometimes throw into the mix? From quirky amenities to unusual services, hotels often go the extra mile to make your stay memorable, even if the offerings are a tad unconventional. Like hotel towel art!

Recently, one travel agent, Jaclyn D’Esposito (@heartfelttravel), was taken aback when trying to book a hotel for a client.

“What is ‘fart’? For free? Should I book the client a ‘fart’? Like, what is happening?”

See the Tiktok here:


I couldn’t pull the tigger guys I’m sorry 😭 #travelisaprivilege #heartfelttravel #wheretostaysputhoffrance #southoffranceitinerary #southoffrancetravelguide

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