Worker Says She Was Fired After Calling Out Her Employer For Falsely Advertising Her Job

In the vast landscape of the professional world, the role of a company extends beyond just business. It’s about fostering a community, supporting growth, and recognizing the humanity of its employees. But what happens when a company seems to forget this crucial aspect?

Recently, one worker, Nat (@trial_and_error), took to Tiktok to vent about being fired after calling out her company for falsely advertising her job.

“We had applied to the job under the title Accounts Manager and were essentially telemarketers. We were told that there was an element of promotion that was part of the role but not a main part.”

“This isn’t the job that was advertised. This was a very tedious task we are doing every day. We were just calling people every day and half of them were answering machines.”

“I confronted my manager about it, and she said, ‘Don’t care.’ So I went to the manager above her. After trying multiple times trying to give feedback about how the team was going.”

Nat even posted a follow up video:


This convo is why i suspect i tipped them over the edge to (illegally, imo) terminating my employment #unfairdismissal #a#psychosocialsafety #safeworkplaces #employeesarepeopletoo #minimumwagejob #cozylives #costoflivingcrisis #costoflivingcrisisaustralia #housingcrisisaustralia #involuntarilyunemployed

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