“Defrauding An Innkeeper Has 5 Years In Jail” — Airbnb Host Files For Chargeback On Entire Stay After Guest Threw Party In Her Home

For many Airbnb hosts, the allure of sharing their space with travelers from around the world brings not only financial benefits but also the opportunity to forge connections and create memorable experiences.

Yet, nestled within this captivating journey lies an all-too-familiar frustration that resonates with hosts across the platform: the delicate task of ensuring that their cherished property is entrusted to respectful guests who won’t transform it into a chaotic party hub.

Recently, one Airbnb host, VA Loan Mama (@valoanmama). shared a nightmare tale of a guest having a party, trashing their place, then trying to scam them.

“It is feral Friday and I’m about to file a defrauding an innkeeper claim.”

“They left bullet casings in the kids’ playroom, stole towels, and stole an Xbox controller.”


Short Term Rental Horror Guests #disneyhouse #airbnb #rentalguests

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She posted 2 followup videos as well:


Update on my scammer rental property guest with filing charges against her! #valoanmama #airbnb #scammer #fraud #shady #badboysbadboyswatchagonnado

♬ original sound – VA Loan Mama


Replying to @_❤️MarieSundown❤️_ updates as of today – I plan to take every action I can, then blast their faces on the internet!

♬ original sound – VA Loan Mama

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