Man Explains Why Women Aren’t Interested In Self-Proclaimed “Nice Guys”

The dating landscape is a complex terrain where connections are forged, hearts are won, and personalities shine through. In this intricate dance of romance, some individuals adopt the label of a “nice guy” as a badge of honor, hoping to stand out as a partner of unmatched kindness and compassion.

However, there’s a growing sentiment among women that if someone feels the need to proclaim themselves as a “nice guy,” there might be more to the story.

One man, cyzorgg, breaks it down for those who need to hear it. 


This guy answered a comment about why women pass one nice guys. Never a good start when you use the work loins.


“Who is going to tell them? I’ll tell them. Women aren’t looking for nice guys”


“Let me tell you the problem with ‘Nice Guys’. First off, being nice isn’t a flex. That’s what you’re supposed to be. Expecting women to want you because you’re a nice guy, it’s like expecting women to want you because you shower regularly. You shower regularly, right? At some point during your childhood, somebody told you that if you want a girl to like you, all you have to do is be nice to them. They lied. I’m sorry, that’s not true.”


“That is not enough. You need more than that. Do you understand? And this bitterness when a girl you like f***s someone that’s not you? What’s that about? Who did they f**k? Somebody with more than niceness, right? Somebody who was charismatic, maybe? Who looked good, who smelled good. Who was funny. Somebody more interesting than you, right? Yeah.”

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