Homeowner Claims Neighbor Is Trying To Make Her Pay Half For A Fence She Doesn’t Want To Build

Venturing into the world of homeownership is like being handed a puzzle with no reference picture. Suddenly, there’s an unspoken dance of when to bring over baked goods to the neighbor’s house, figuring out how not to accidentally infringe on property lines, or the universal dread of being “that house” with the unkempt lawn. 

Recently, one woman, Katie Harris (@katherinevharris), shared a dilemma she had with a neighbor putting up a new fence next to her yard.

She states that she knows her neighbor is cutting down their fence and building a new one.

“I feel like an asshole because I know you’re supposed to like offer to pay for half of your neighbor’s fence if it gets put down but I’m poor and I don’t have the money.”

See the Tiktok here:


Either im getting a new fence or a pool! #home #homeowner #fence #pool #backyard #tulsa

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Mike Primavera

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