Millennials Confounded By How Gen Z Uses The Camera App On Their Phones

The “Gen Z zoom” phenomenon sheds light on yet another subtle generational contrast between millennials and the younger crowd. It turns out that both age groups utilize the “zoom in” feature on their smartphones quite differently, especially when it comes to video recording.

As I’ve noticed on TikTok, the “millennial zoom” tends to be quite straightforward. It typically involves the gradual zooming in on a subject by dragging two fingers on the phone screen. On the flip side, the “Gen Z zoom” employs a more dynamic approach. It features quick cuts between frames, transitioning from a distant view to a close-up, creating a more dramatic impact on the viewer. It’s akin to a jump cut rather than a smooth, gradual zoom, showcasing how technology evolves alongside generational preferences.


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The Gen Z zoom technique is quite accessible but demands a couple of editing tricks within the app. Many users are creating viral tutorials to simplify the process.



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And another:


Replying to @katheryn The Gen-Z zoom is just a jump cut in post production! #videoediting #videoedit #videozoom #zoom #zoomeffect #GenZzoom

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