40 Examples Of “Visible Mending” — People Fixing Their Favorite Things Instead Of Throwing Them Out

There’s a myriad of strategies to safeguard our environment, and the responsibility falls on us to pick the best approaches to support and nurture our planet. This is particularly vital in light of the numerous elements fueling climate change and harming literally the only planet we have.

In this light, we’re excited to highlight some amazing posts from the r/Visiblemending community. This group is a hub for creative repair ideas, breathing new life into clothes and various items. People often post pictures of their worn items, sparking conversations and seeking guidance from the community’s seasoned DIY enthusiasts to find the most effective repair solutions.

1. Problem Solved Thanks To Some Little Soot Sprite Friends!

2. You Guys Inspired Me!

3. It Was Either This Or Thousands Of Dollars To Replace The Whole Floor, They Don’t Make Tile Like That Anymore

4. Thank You To Whichever User Suggested This Cat Scratch Patching. Love It So Much!

5. My 10 Year Old Mended My Jeans For Me

6. Patched And Covered A Rip Next To My Jeans’ Pocket! It’s My First Big Attempt At Decorative Embroidery

7. He Didn’t Want To Throw This Rug Away Because It Belonged To His Grandmother

8. Snoopy Shirt Had A Hole, So I Added A Little Woodstock

9. Mom Patched A Quilt. Pup Has Been Gone A Couple Years Now, But This Lives On

10. Owl Lost An Eye. My 7yo Asked Me To Make An Eyepatch. Owl Is Now Ready For A New Career As A Pirate

11. I Fixed My Lamp Using The Stained Glass Soldering Technique, I Was Told You Guys Might Like It

12. Patched A Small Tear In My Jacket With A Small Felt Bandaid

13. My First Time Embroidering! I Hid A Bleach Stain Under A Crocodile

14. This Patch Might Bite You In The…rear Pocket Of The Vintage Jeans I Patched. Scrap Of Stretchy Fabric And Sashiko Thread

15. Embroidered On Flowers To Cover Some Paint Splatters

16. My Favorite Overalls Might Eventually Be More Crochet Cotton Than Denim

17. Embroidered A Little Throwback Dino To Cover A BBQ Sauce Stain

18. Covered Up A Bleach Stain With A French Knot Sheep!

19. When We’re Not Sure A Blanket Stitch Will Be Enough, We Embroider. Overachievers Unite For Mending Glory!

20. Covered A Small Stain On My Bra

21. My First Decorative Mend! My Partner’s Moth Eaten Cashmere Sweater Needed Some Love

22. My Mom Had A Hole In Her Jeans. Now She Has A Poppy Sticking Out Of Her Pocket

23. The Cats Clawed Up The Side Of The Chair, I Think You Guys Will Like How My Mom Fixed It Up

24. Finished!!

25. Mended A Couple Of Split Laundry Baskets

26. Mending Hole In Jeans With Rainbow Weave + Patching From Behind

27. A Sharpie Leaked In My Scrubs Pocket And Didn’t Come Out After Several Washes. I Do Work At An Animal Shelter, So I Embroidered A Cat Over The Stain

28. Can’t Mend His Bones So I’m Mending His Shirt

29. Upcycled/Patched/Jeans & Ankara

30. Headphone Pad Fell Off – Chrocheted It Back On!

31. Heavily Darned 1000 Year Old Tunic From Egypt

32. My Favorite Hoodie Had A Huge Tear In It So I Made My First Attempt At Visible Mending

33. Squishmallow First Aid

34. My First Attempt. I Had A Rip Going Up The Entire Side Of The Pocket. I Tried Some Darning And Then Some Simple Embroidery. The Pocket Is Still Usable

35. My Sock Had A Hole In It. My Six Year Old Removed It From My Foot And Mended It. I Think I’ll Keep It This Way

36. Some Mended Stairs I Came Across

37. Color Changing Thread Is My Favorite For Mending

38. Mended A Small Hole In A T-Shirt With Cross Stitch

39. This Is How I Repair My Dress

40. Victim Of A Dog Attack Gets Reconstructive Surgery


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