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45 Funny Amazon Reviews That Won’t Help You Buy Anything But Will Certainly Make You Laugh

It is my firm belief that anyone who leaves a review of anything online is at least a little crazy. I kinda get it with Amazon reviews. You can only get ripped off so many times before you go into the review section and rant with brutally honest, which just ends up making for some of the funniest reviews you’ll ever see.

These funny shoppers decided to at least bring some flavor into their reviews. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; if you’re going to put something out on the internet at least make it entertaining.

Pleated-Jeans has gone to great lengths to put together a list of those entertaining, insane, and downright funniest Amazon reviews, and if they can’t help you make better buying decisions at least we hope they can make you laugh.

1. “For Her”

funny amazon reviews - for her pens

2. Life of the party.

funny amazon reviews - bee costume

3. I can tell.

funny amazon reviews - duvet cover

4. The best insect trap.

funny amazon reviews - insect trap

5. VR Goggles

funny amazon reviews - vr goggles

6. It is wood?

funny amazon reviews -

7. That new calculator smell.

funny amazon reviews - calculator

8. Existential tape.

funny amazon reviews -

9. Whole lotta lube.

funny amazon reviews - 55 gallon drum of lube

10. It’s a trap.

funny amazon reviews - traps farts

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11. Cursed turtle.

funny amazon reviews - kitty litter box with girl inside

12. Out there Donald Ducking it.

funny amazon reviews - skin-colored leggings

13. Didn’t hear a thing.

funny amazon reviews - noise canceling headphones

14. Ninja Alpaca

funny amazon reviews -

15. Aw crickets!

funny amazon reviews -

16. Suspiciously specific.

funny amazon reviews -

17. Durability.

18. Scissors…?


19. Revenge is a dish best served heavy.

20. Good on tacos.

21. Organic Jesus

22. RIP Geese

23. Why I live alone.

24. Time waits for no man.

25. Poot-away.


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