35 Interesting Pictures Taken From Angles Or Perspectives You’ve Never Seen Before

Most of these pictures are of objects or concepts you know well, but from angles and perspectives you’ve never seen. Interesting pics, taken from interesting places. It really shows you how things can change as you pivot around them.

From works of art to simple concepts, please enjoy these fresh angles on classic pictures.

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40 Interesting Pics You Know, But From Angles You’ve Never Seen Before

1. “An egg I bought from a farmer’s market (bottom) compared to a store bought one.”

interesting pics - eggs

2. American Froot Loops and Canadian Froot Loops are totally different colors.

interesting pics - froot loops

3. The back of Michelangelo’s David

interesting pics - david

4. A cell in Sweden’s largest prison.

interesting pics - Swedish prison cell

5. One of Pablo Picasso’s first ever self portraits from 1896.

interesting pics - picasso self portrait

6. And his last ever from 1972.

interesting pics - picasso self portrait

7. A mass of DNA.

interesting pics - dna mass

8. A human hand next to a wolf paw print.

interesting pics - wolf paw print

9. The full set of Seinfeld.

interesting pics - seinfeld set

10. And the full color set of I love Lucy.

interesting pics - i love lucy set

11. Australia is way bigger than you think it is.

interesting pics - australia true size

12. A stack of $1K in uncirculated $1 bills vs circulated ones.

interesting pics - uncirculated bills

13. An American candy section in the UK

interesting pics- american candy in uk

14. And an American sports section in Germany.

interesting pics - american sports section in germany

15. In a deck of cards. only the King of Hearts is without a mustache. 

interesting pics - king of hearts

16. 7’7″ NBA legend Manute Bol swimming in a normal pool.

interesting pics - manute bol swimming in pool

17. The inside of a water tower.

interesting pics - inside of a water tower

18. The back of the Mona Lisa

interesting pics - back of the Mona Lisa

19. A husky next to a full wolf.

interesting pics - husky compared to a wolf

20. A five hundred dollar bill. 

interesting pics - $500 bill

21. A curved escalator.

interesting pics - curved escalator

22. A picture from Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration in 1861. 

interesting pics - lincoln's inauguration pic

23. Cross-sections of wood from 1950 and from today.

interesting pics - wood from 1950s

24. The back of a peacock. How scandalous. 

interesting pics - back of a peacock

25. The open bottom on a cooling tower.

interesting pics - cooling tower bottom

26. If you look closely you can tell the difference between cheap pasta and the good stuff.

interesting pics - cheap pasta vs good pasta

27. This is how long screwdrivers can be. Like, pretty long.

interesting pics - very long screwdriver

28. One of only two photos ever taken of The Supreme Court in session.

interesting pics - supreme court in session

29. Road signs are a lot bigger than you think they are.

interesting pics - road signs true size

30. One of two authentic “Jolly Roger” flags, this one from 1850.

interesting pics - authentic jolly roger flag

31. The Jeopardy podium. 

interesting pics - jeopardy podium

32. A machine at the hospital that lets doctors and nurses see you veins. 

interesting pics - vein xray machine

33. The back of the Rosetta Stone 

interesting pics - back of the rosetta stone

34. The largest leaf ever found in the Amazon rainforest. 

interesting pics - largest amazon leaf

35. Brace yourself…for the inside of the Wienermobile.

interesting pics - inside of the wienermobile

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