Millennial Mom Shows “Bored” Gen Alpha Kids What She Did For Fun When She Was Their Age

Kids these days handle boredom as well as a landline telephone — they don’t know what to do with it.

When millennial mom @kateryna.sich was approached by her two kids, each suffering from a severe case of nothing-to-do, she had little sympathy for their plight. In her hilarious TikTok video, she demonstrated things millennials did for fun when she was their age. Basically, millennials weren’t allowed to be bored. With no smartphones or tablets, we made our own fun. You may remember such classic activities as Pogz or putting your face directly in front of a fan and making weird noises.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with these funny things millennials did for fun back in the day.

When this millennial mom’s kids claimed to be bored, she demonstrated the things she did for fun when she was their age


Millennials in the comments chimed in with their own memories of childhood boredom

Watch the full video here


And cartoons only on Saturday morning 😏#fyp#kidsbelike#parents#90x

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