DoorDash Customer’s Order Triples In Price Just From The Tip, Then “Proudly Faces” The Drive To Give No Tip

In the realm of food delivery, a heated debate has been brewing, challenging the longstanding practice of tipping. Traditionally, leaving a gratuity for exceptional service has been considered common courtesy.

However, as technology continues to reshape the food delivery landscape, questions arise about the appropriateness of tipping when ordering food straight to our doorsteps.

Recently, one deliver customer, Midari Ikishima (@uzimedee), shared a now viral video in which she states that she proudly doesn’t tip delivery drivers.

“Me proudly going to go get my DoorDash face to face after I typed ‘0.00’ on the tip.”

“With no shame. Food went from $12.36 to $47.88 just from the tip.”

See the Tiktok for yourself here:


with no shame . food went from $12.36 to $47.88 just from the tip🤨

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Here’s what some people had to say in the comments:

“I could barely afford the food. I cant afford a tip.”

“My brother a dasher and HE don’t even tip.”

“No fr cause why am i obligated to tip you when you signed up for this.”

“i can never not tip someone for doing a service for ME it’s just feels wrong.”

“Nah I get scared they will do something to my food if I don’t tip.”

“door dash base pay is literally $2.25 then folks be depending on tips.”


Mike Primavera

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