30 Annoying Employees Driving Their Coworkers Insane

Ever had a coworker who makes you question your career choices? You know the type: the one who leaves dirty dishes in the sink, plays their music way too loud, or always manages to “forget” about their part of the project.

Every office has at least one character driving their coworkers absolutely insane. From the one who leaves the microwave looking like a crime scene to the one whose sole job seems to be walking around with a salad and chatting, these annoying coworkers will drive anyone up the wall.

Keep going for some funny and relatable tales of workplace woe. Who knows, you might even recognize a few of your own colleagues on this list.

1. That’s An Insufferable Perspective

2. I Asked A Coworker To Count And Tally Up Some Apparel For Me. This Is What I Got

3. Brought This Pie To An Office Potluck. My Coworker Sliced It Like This And Took From The Middle

4. My Coworkers Are Idiots

5. Coworker Keeps Avoiding Paying Me Back After She Conveniently Forgot Her Wallet At Dinner

6. The Way My Coworker Opens An Ice Bag. The Bag Literally Has A Drawstring

7. I Have Been Writing A Fun Fact Every Week On An Unused Whiteboard At The Office. Someone Clearly Doesn’t Like It

8. How My Coworkers Leave The Vacuum Cord

9. The Surprise My Coworkers Left For Me

10. The Way My Coworker Labels Vials And Expects People To Be Able To Read Them

11. Time To Find A New Job. Or At Least New Coworkers

12. Coworkers Keep Stealing My Work Breakfasts. Maybe This Flow Chart Will Solve The Issue

13. I Don’t Get Irritated Easily By Double Parking, But One Of My Coworkers Does This Every Day In A Full Parking Lot

14. Coworker Left This In The Break Room Today, With His Name And Phone Number. Bold Move

15. Out Of Dishwasher Detergent. Coworker Decided To Use Dish Soap

16. This Is My Office On Monday. It Will Remain Like This Until The Cleaning Staff Comes On Friday

17. My Coworker Loves To Strike Out The Previous Day At Midnight. Someone Beat Him To It Tonight

18. My Coworker Doesn’t Have A Badge, So I Have To Open The Door For Him Every Day

19. Coworker Kept Using My Creamer. I Live On A Farm And He Knows It

20. This Is How A Coworker Parks Every Day

21. The Way My Coworker Discards Their Cigarette Butts

22. Someone In The Office Ate My Snacks While I Was On Leave. They Even Left The Empty Packaging Inside My Drawer

23. First Day Back In The Office. Bought A Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts To Take Home To Family. Went For Lunch And Someone Took Them From My Desk

24. The Way My Coworker Supported Stock On A Single Can Instead Of Breaking It All Down

25. I Keep A Pack Of Gum In My Cubicle At Work. Tried To Grab A Piece And Discover This. I Hate My Coworkers

26. Told Coworker He Can Have Half Of My Reeseā€™s. This Is How He Handed It Back

27. Someone Poured Milk In The Coffee Machine At My Office

28. Actually Remembered To Bring My Lunch To Work. Coworker Didn’t Remember To Close The Pepper

29. Coworker “Fixed” A Hole In The Roof Of Our Truck. And Yes, All Those Tools Are Attached

30. Coworker “Fixed” A Hole In The Roof Of Our Truck. And Yes, All Those Tools Are Attached

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