Woman Asked To Tip Her Mechanic 30% After Paying $500 To Fix Her Car — “Are We Tipping Mechanics Now?”

People constantly bemoan that tipping culture has run amok. Everyone from the barista to the exterminator is armed with an iPad that begs for a tip between 15 and 30 percent.

But just because someone asks for a tip, should you give them one?

TikTok user @leahova had dismissed most of these tipping culture complaints as people being cheap jerks. But all that changed after her father’s recent encounter with a mechanic.

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This woman was baffled when a mechanic asked for a 30 percent tip for a $500 job

She recalled a recent moment when she went with her father to pick up his car after bringing the vehicle in for air conditioner maintenance.

She explained: “And their air conditioning broke. So, I drive my dad over to pick up the car. And he comes back with the keys about to walk over to where the car is. And he’s kind of distraught, which is not like him.”

“Are we tipping mechanics now?”

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The father revealed that after he paid for the $500 fix, the mechanic turned the iPad around.

On the screen was a request for a tip as high as 30%.

The father was distraught because although he’s a good tipper, he was unaware that mechanics now fell into the tipping category.

According to Leahova, they don’t. Or do they?

She added: “And he’s like, ‘I always tip but I’m confused.’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’. He’s like, ‘I literally just paid I don’t know, 500 bucks to have my car fixed and then the guy swivels at the car mechanic – swivels the screen around and it’s like ‘You want to tip 20%, 25% or 30%?’”

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She continued: “And he’s like, ‘I never don’t push a button for a percentage to tip, but I didn’t tip. Are we tipping car mechanics now?’ And I was like, No, we’re definitely not tipping car mechanics now, at least not that I know about….”

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