19 Times Pets Brought Their Owners, Umm, “Gifts”

Pets are great at retrieving stuff. Dogs especially — throw a ball and nine times out of ten they’ll come bounding back with it. But every now and then they will surprise you by showing up with some completely bizarre object they have absolutely no business giving you. And they still present it like it’s the thing you really want. No thanks man, these gifts are terrible.

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If I Fits, I Sits: Cats Who Maybe Don’t Have Bones (18 Pics)

I don’t know how cats work, and I won’t pretend I know. I know they live by the motto “If I Fits, I Sits”, of course. That’s in any science textbook. My quick take on them is that they are either a plasma or some kind of very chunky gaseous substance. They seem to be attracted to containers and want to be one with them. My theory is that they are much like a classical genie, and want they really want is to be in some kind of magical lamp. They hate granting wishes though.

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