Man’s Parents Are Pissed He Reported Car Stolen After His Sister ‘Borrowed It’ Without Permission

Siblings can be the absolute worst sometimes—right? No matter how many times you tell them “no, you can’t borrow my shirt,” they’ll somehow walk out of the house with it on. They just don’t understand the word “no.”

Turns out, my siblings aren’t the only ones who have selective hearing. Recently, one brother wrote into popular Reddit sub “Am I The A**hole” asking if he was a jerk for reporting his car stolen after his sister decided to borrow it after he told her no.

His sister’s car broke down 6 months before the incident, as he puts “because of her own stupidity.”

My sisters car broke down 6 months ago because of her own stupidity. I won’t go into it here but she ignored the advice of a mechanic and because of that her car broke. I decided to be nice and offer my sister my car until she could get hers fixed as i could bike to work while she needed to drive. She did not get her car fixed for some reason.

Apparently, his sister wouldn’t take any money to get her car fixed—for some strange reason.

She claimed to be saving money to do so but every time her paycheck came she spent it. My parents have even offered her a loan to fix her car but she refused.

Along with all of this, she has been abusing my generosity and taking my car all day and night. I told her she could use it for work but is seems to her that is a free pass to use my car, not fill it with gas, and take it when I specifically tell her not to.

After he told he needed the car for work, his sister played the shady card and grabbed the whip before he left the house. So he reported it stolen.

Recently I’ve been needed to get to work very early and I really don’t feel like riding my bike 6 miles at 3 in the morning so I told my sister she had 30 days until I took the spare key from her and she is no longer allowed to use it.

That was 32 days ago. Yesterday morning she woke up specifically before me to take my car (at 2:30 in the morning). I called her and demanded she bring it back but she just hung up on me. because of this I reported it stolen.

But, his sister ended up getting arrested for stealing the car and his parents had to bail her out. Now, his parents are worried her future is in jeopardy.

My sister was arrested 30 minutes later and my parents had to go bail her out. My sister is now facing charges for unauthorized use of a car and my parents and her are pissed. They claim I want way to far here but honestly, i feel justified. My parents are worried if she’s found guilty she will loose her job but in my opinion, it’s her own fault. Am i wrong here? Am i an asshole?

As it turns out, people online were on the brother’s side. The majority of the comments on the Reddit thread agreed that it was his sister’s own fault for taking the car specifically after he asked her not to.

She stole your car. Sounds like she needs a lesson in accountability. Tell your parents you wouldn’t have had to report it stolen if she brought it back like you asked. Why is she not held to the same standard you are? ha3lo

You gave her 30 days notice so she had time to make other arrangements. She straight up got early to take your car on purpose so you did not have the ability to use it. Maybe reporting it as stolen was a little far. But I honestly don’t blame you for it. You gave her more than enough time and ultimately, it’s your car. –tickslike_clockwork

She stole your car. Her actions were premeditated (coming over at 2.30am when she knew you would be leaving at 3am) and she deliberately hung up on you when you tried calling her. You even gave her 30 days notice. She had every intention to steal. –assertives

She stole your car after you specifically told her she couldn’t use it anymore. Definition of theft. Doesn’t matter if she’s family or not, you were more than reasonable and she completely abused your generosity. The only thing that makes me sad is that your parents bailed her ass out, she should’ve stayed in jail longer. –LordJiraiya

Your parents suck for yelling at you about it. They are acting like all this is your responsibility, when in fact, it’s hers. She stole your car. The consequences of her actions are not your responsibility. The consequences of her actions are her own responsibility. When you steal a car, the consequences of that action are getting arrested and being charged with a crime. –downfordonuts

While the brother’s actions were harsh, he had every right to report the car stolen. Let’s be honest, he told his sister he needed it for work. Now, she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

h/t: Reddit