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Hilarious Viral Video Shows 15-Year-Old Freaking TF Out Watching Sister Give Birth

If you’ve ever personally witnessed the miracle of life unfold, you know that it can be an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Most TV sitcoms and on-screen comedies usually resort to a character fainting at the sight of the crowning head, but for those who have been in that hospital room, the experience is very different.


15-year-old Maya is going viral for exhibiting every single emotion while witnessing her older sister give birth.

Nurses had told Maya to move to the foot of the bed so she could see her sister Michelle go thorough the entire birthing process. Maya, wanting to be supportive of her sister, did so but was not fully aware just how intense birthing a baby would be.

And folks, it is absolutely worth a breakdown.

Witness Maya’s full emotional range:

1. Fearful concern for her sister.


2. Empathetic pain for her sister’s labor.


3. Joy at the knowledge she will soon be an aunt.


4. Shock and awe at the crowning baby.


5. Disgust as amniotic fluid sprayed all over her and the room.


6. Aaaaand right back to joy as the baby emerges.


And it’s clear people enjoyed Maya’s personal journey.

Witness Maya’s emotional experience for yourself:

h/t:Daily Mail UK, UniLAD