17 Cringeworthy Stories You’ll Probably Want To Stop Reading But Won’t

We’ve all been kept awake at night by a suddenly cringeworthy memory popping into our heads. Accidentally calling your teacher “mom” in front of the entire class.

Saying “you too” when the waiter sets your food down and says “enjoy”, and pretty much everyone’s first date.

It’s one of the worst feelings when it happens to you, but when it happens to someone else, well, it’s still painful to watch, but you get the added comfort of knowing at least it’s not you.

So, while these posts will be a little painful to read, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh or two before flashing back to all of the cringe-worthy moments in your own life.


I just experienced the most outstandingly awkward moment while at work. from r/cringe


Tried to buy myself a birthday cake and it ended up a nightmare from r/cringe


I said bust a nut instead of bust a cap at a family reunion. from r/cringe


Told my boss I don’t see why people get tattoos in some language they don’t know. Saw her grab something and noticed she has one under each wrist. from r/cringe


Boss couldn’t remember my name in a meeting about the importance of remembering people’s names from r/cringe


Came up just short on money when buying groceries, and a nice woman gave me the $0.25 I needed. I proceeded to thank her, and immediately drop the change in a little slit by the counter. from r/cringe


The worst Tinder date of my life. from r/cringe


I hugged the pizza guy when he tried to close my door from r/cringe


While showing a house, I stumbled across the tenant hiding from us. On two separate occasions. The cringe haunts me to this day. from r/cringe


I am NOT a pedophile from r/cringe


I left the cashier the worst tip anyone has ever received. from r/cringe


1st time I ever ordered pizza from r/cringe


I asked a girl where her accent was from. from r/cringe


i said something weird to my hair stylist when i paid her from r/cringe


I closed the elevator door on a toddler and his dad 🙁 from r/cringe


I [18F] thought my boss was feeding me from r/cringe


My coworker presented my completed project as her own when I was in attendance. from r/cringe

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