I Don’t Know What Else To Say Other Than Expect The Unexpected (15 Vids)

I love good writing, but oftentimes the most memorable moments are completely unscripted.

When I was 22 I left a Halloween party dressed as Mario and drunk and couldn’t get a cab so I started walking home and realized I was going to have diarrhea so I squatted between 2 cars but I had to pull the overalls down to my ankles. Then one of the cars locked its doors.

I couldn’t come up with that on my own. That happened.

Here are more unexpected endings:

1. Just letting him know he could.

Dude chilling out in a stream from r/Unexpected

2. Get these boys some afterschool activities.

2 Kyles, 1 Vape from r/Unexpected

3. Cats are assholes.

this seems like a good spot from r/Unexpected

4. You know you’ve been working there too long when…

“Mama mia!” from r/Unexpected

5. Guest appearance.

The last person I’d expect to walk into that elevator from r/Unexpected

6. A beautiful mating dance.

What the f…. from r/Unexpected

7. Terrifying.

I would be creeped out aswell. from r/Unexpected

8. Mixed Medieval Arts

Parry this you casul from r/Unexpected

9. The real deal.

He’s got some moves from r/Unexpected

10. Cruising through a workout.

Weight for it 😯 from r/Unexpected

11. Sup.

Zooming zooming from r/Unexpected

12. This gave me a ton of anxiety.

Bus driver shows off to camera from r/Unexpected

13. Can you smell it?

Be cool from r/Unexpected

14. As seen on TV.

Wow! Super at lush for jammies! from r/Unexpected

15. Out in the elements.

It Won’t Get Me Under This Umbrella from r/Unexpected

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