9 Rejected Sexy Halloween Costumes

Look, we’ve all been there. Halloween is approaching. You think you have a killer costume idea. Then you get to the part and everyone is either asking what you’re supposed to be or just outright hates it. Last year I was Trump’s tax returns and every time someone asked what I was I’d say “None of your business.” I got a kick out of it but everyone else thought I was an idiot.

I think this goes doubly so for sext costumes. I get it. It’s your one day a year to show some skin and not be judged for it, but please, think it through.


If you’re going to be a clown this year you have 2 options. You don’t want to be the lone weirdo in a sea of Jokers and Pennywises.


Sure, it’s an easy costume. All you need is a black catsuit and a sign. But do you really want to spend the night having that discussion? We’re all one comment away from being canceled. Don’t push your luck.


This guy wasn’t even invited to the party. And he totally sold your TV.


Free healthcare and student loan forgiveness are sexy enough.


Take it from someone who experienced it firsthand: someone will tackle you before the night is over.


Yeah, who doesn’t want to have this conversation all night?


I already know I’m a small Frosty and fries.


Thanks, but if wanted to have my opinion shit on I’ll spend Halloween with my family.


You waited until last minute and now all that’s left are youth Spider-Man costumes? There’s an easy fix for that. STAY HOME.

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