Twitter Thread Inspires Others To Share Pics Of Their Asshole Cats

Dogs view their owners as exactly that. Owners. Cats, on the other hand, view us like other cats, only way more stupid and helpless. It’s why they bring us mice to feed us, and don’t respect our time or personal space.

Like many cat owners, Twitter user @_cingraham decided to post about his furry friend being a less than perfect roommate.

After this, many cat owners with similar problems started chiming in.

Who DOES have the world’s worst cat? Seems like it’s a million-way tie for first.

If house cats were 20 lbs heavier we’d all be dead.

Ok, yeah, Chandler seems like a total dick.

Luna has no chill.

That’s attempted murder, Mr. Baps.

That sums it up perfectly.

The face of a sociopath.

Ok, his one is pretty cute. Carry on, Chewy.

And clearly has no remorse.

It would seem there are some upsides to having a cat as a pet, but by reading this post you’d never know. Probably best to err on the side of caution and just go out and get yourself a dog.

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Mike Primavera

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