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Did The Cat In This Video Just Say “Well, Hi” In A Southern Accent? Yeah, Dude. It did.

I’ve seen cats do some pretty incredible things. The cat I had growing up would climb the doorframe and hang upsidedown like a sloth. My roommate’s cat in college would fetch almost anything you’d throw for it. My neighbor’s cat knows French. I mean my neighbor speaks french to the cat so technically I’m not wrong.

This cat, however, really does speak. And with a southern accent no less. Say hello to the 8-year-old tabby Gambino Bambino.


Its owner was just taking one of the many videos of the charismatic and talented feline when GB decided to bust out yet another amazing talent. It said “Well, hi” in a breathy southern accent. After watching this clip I do believe I have the vapors.


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Not sure about you but I watched that about a dozen times. I’ve seen plenty of videos where dogs are saying “mama” and things like that but this one is clear as a bell. Gambino Bambino, you are now my top Instagram cat.

How about a few pics for good measure?


So majestic. Would def say hi back.


“Well hi, MTV. Welcome to my crib.”


Until next time, Gambino Bambino. I love you.


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