‘Tis The Season To Play “Elf Pong” The Unofficial “Elf” Movie Drinking Game

I think we can all agree Elf has replaced A Christmas Story as the official family-friendly movie of the Christmas season. So, since you were going to watch it anyway, why not play the best of all Christmas drinking games: The Elf drinking game.

It’s called Elf Pong and it comes from my college days. One of my fondest memories.

On my 21st birthday, I decided to hold a beer bong tournament, and because I was not nearly cool enough to host such an event, only a few close friends showed up.

We played a few rounds of pong, which then just turned into us throwing ping pong balls at each other. Then, from across the room, my friend Clay threw a pong ball into my cup. Everyone agreed I must kill my beer. This was the birth of guerilla beer pong.

The rules of guerilla beer pong were simple. You had to have a drink in your hand. You could not cover that drink with your other hand. The game never stopped or started. It was always going. If you were holding a drink. Any drink. Someone could throw a ping pong ball into it and you had to chug it. One time my roommate came out of his room when I was eating tomato soup and threw a pong ball into it. Chugging hot soup sucked, but rules are rules, and soup is a drink, even though I still to this day argue they are all full of shit.

So, that brings us to Elf Pong.

A few years later we were all back home for the holidays and decided to watch Elf and have a few drinks. Naturally, we slid right back into our old habits. It wasn’t long before someone brought up guerilla beer pong. We went to the store immediately, bought more booze and ping pong balls, and invented Elf Pong.


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Please drink responsibly and don’t drive or call your ex or steal a stop sign or climb a tree and yell at the birds.

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