People Are Sharing Products That Were Just Made To Last (24 Pics)

We’ve become such a throw-away society and just replace things when they break but people are sharing things they own that were made to last. I drive a ’97 Mazda that somehow still runs like new. Partly because I’m broke but I’ll be driving that thing until it can’t be fixed because it was made to last.

1. “1957 Gravely Model L Tractor”


2. “Still sporting my dad’s Coleman Classic tent from 70’s. No leaks, and doesn’t require a rain fly. All original poles in tact after 44 years.”


3. “My dad gave me his drill that was a wedding present in 1970, still works perfectly”


4. “My latest restoration project. A mid 90s Forest Green Weber Genesis 1000.”


5. “My 1960’s Hoover Junior. It may have bad paint, but it still works like new!”


6. “The legendary Nokia N95. 14 Years old and still working flawlessly, complete with apps and full smartphone functionality. No other phone I’ve had since has lasted more than 18 months but this just keeps going.”


7. “My 1968 Nikon F photomic 35mm film camera, works as well as it did back in ’68”


8. “Just inherited my great-grandmother’s Kitchen Aid (Hobart) A-9 Coffee Grinder. This model was discontinued in 1947, but still helped make a great cup of coffee this morning!”


9. “My wife got this Sony Dream Machine as a free gift when she opened a new bank account in 1988. Still working and in use.”


10. “21-year old AMP Research/Mercedes-Benz B4 Full Suspension MTB. Been using it even more on road and trails during the pandemic. The only thing I had to replace are the tires.”


11.“My friends electric shaver he’s had since the 80’s! Shaves like a dream still!”


12. “Technics SL-1210 Turntables – Made in Japan since 1972. Hardly changed in design until they were sadly discontinued in 2010. The industry standard for vinyl DJ’s worldwide and built to last a lifetime…”


13. “19 years. Everyday carry. Looks brand new.”


14. “My mum celebrating her 48th wedding anniversary making a cake with the Philips hand mixer given to her on the day.”


15. “Olympia Express Cremina – The ‘Rolls Royce’ Of Espresso Machines – Made In Switzerland, and hardly changed in design and style since its launch in 1967. Built to last a lifetime, and is a true pleasure to use daily…”


16. “This Philips electric handmixer my grandma bought in 1983, that I inherited after her passing. Complete with the original box and warranty card. After taking it apart and some internal cleaning, it works like a dream!”


17. “My family got this cooler in April 1982 for free when we purchased a popup tent trailer. The trailer is long gone but the cooler has been across the continent many times.”


18. “My grandpa’s (now mine) and my dad’s Workmates. Very practical portable worbenches that can still be purchased today!”


19. “Had these Timberlands since the mid 90’s still as comfortable as the day I bought them.”


20. “13 years daily use vs 1 month- go spend $30 on a 12” cast iron and start winning.”


21. “North Face backpack from 1990. Mom hiked the Grand Canyon with this on her back. Later became my daily backpack through 5 years of school, and has gone with me to Europe and back twice. Not a single rip or fringe over 3 decades, got lot of mileage still left on this bad boy”


22. “New old stock 1950’s Universal Coffeematic! Came with original paperwork, for 30 bucks!”


23. “My parents bought this when we first immigrated to Canada. I was 4. I’m 21 now, and I’m using it to toast my croissant as I’m writing this post.”


24. “Mum & dad got this Sunbeam as a wedding gift in ‘78. Handed down to me when I moved out. Still runs to beat the band!”


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