Well, Now I’m Upset (23 Mildly Infuriating Pics)

I prefer when someone is a jerk to my face. Not saying I like it, but passive aggression, lack of social awareness, and talking shit behind my back is so much worse. If you feel the same, this list is going to trigger you.

1. So unnecessary.

2. Ugh.

3. How???

4. No.

5. Got a speeding ticket…on the back of a tow truck.

6. How my girlfriend “puts away” the groceries.

7. Hope you have some fingernails.

8. Oh really?

9. Selling anything online.

10. My final grade 🙁

11. Um…

12. I hate these.

13. They didn’t mention this in the Facebook ad.

14. So close.

15. Maybe the worst clock ever.

16. Teacher posing statements as questions again.

17. Will always bother me.

18. When you see it.

19. Got an alert…Roomba approaching cliff.

20. Triggered

21. Dude, what?

22. 50/50 chance

23. Someone stole only my back tire.

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