15 Incredibly Fun And Useful Websites You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Waste Some Time On

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world and crushing deadlines, it sure feels good to sit around and do nothing. These weird websites are the digital equivalent of sitting on your bed in a towel for an hour staring at the wall. So take the edge off and enjoy some nonsense for a little while. The world will be there when you’re done.

1. This Website Lets You Search For Books By Mood, Emotion, Character, And Plot Rather Than Title Or Author

What a lovely idea! Now all I need to do is clear my ‘to read’ pile, so I can create another pile with this. Try it here.

2. An Interactive Van Gogh Painting

Ever wanted to feel like you’re inside Van Gogh’s brain? Me neither. But here you can be inside his art. Try it here.

3. This Website Lets You Know For How Long After The Expiration Date You Can Safely Eat Food Or Drink Beverages

You can also try this old tip: open it up and give it a whiff. Try it here.

4. Type In Text And Watch As A Neural Network Converts It To Realistic Handwriting

You won’t believe how it writes your birth date and your mother’s maiden name! Spooky! Try it here! 

5. Visualize Ingredient Combinations Based On Online Recipe Review Scores

This is helpful if you love cooking and have no idea what you’re doing or if you want to write a scathing Yelp review for a restaurant you hated. Try it here.

6. This Cool Website Dedicated to Exploring Interesting Places on The Moon – Browse a World of Craters, Mountains, Lava Channels & More!

Moon landing conspiracy theorists, stay away, it might be too much to handle. Try it here.

7. How To Systematically Improve Your Writing By Benjamin Franklin

Who doesn’t wake up in the morning and think “how can I be more like Ben Franklin today?” I don’t know a single person! If you’re a big nerd like me, try it here.

8. This Website Shows A Spiderweb Of All The Musical Genres And How They Intertwine

Send this to your friend who just picked up a guitar at a party to buy yourself some peace for a few minutes. Try it here.

9. This Website Automatically Creates Beautiful Color Palettes

Alright “color heads” where you at? Goths, close your eyes. Try it here.

10. Website That Converts Everything You Say To Llamas

This site loaded and my first thought was “Tina! Eat your FOOD.” Which might age me a little too much. Why would you need this site? You don’t. No one does.

Try it here.

11. Discover Great Movies And Shows To Watch And Recommends Highly-Rated But Little-Known Movies And Shows.

For anyone who spends most of their night scrolling. It’s time to let someone else take the wheel.

Try it here.


12. To Make Disco Music Super Easily


This is a terrible screenshot because guess what, I am really bad at using this site. Just give me 2-3 hours and I’ll have it. Clear my schedule.

Try it here.

13. Sounds Of The Forest: Click On Any Forest, Hear The Sounds It Makes

I heard a tree fall, but I wasn’t actually there. Mystery solved.

Try it here before they’re all gone!

14. This Site Where Your Screams Can Be Released Into The Beautiful Landscapes Of Iceland

Iceland doesn’t deserve this, but neither do I. Release whatever you have pent up inside of you into poor ol’ Iceland.

Try it here.

15. Online Life Calendar – Plan Your Life From Days To Decades Digitally

I clicked the “decades” button and gasped. How dare you show me I’ve wasted a lot of my life in an easy to digest and colorful way?!

Try it here.


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