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I Guess Theres Really Only One Way To Learn How To Taxidermy Animals (25 Taxidermy Fails)

Can’t we agree to just leave the dead alone instead of subjecting animals to these bad taxidermy jobs? Imagine how mad these animals would be if they found out how dirty we did them after they died. But hey, I guess the only way to learn how to taxidermy animals is to practice, right? Maybe we should just stop doing that altogether.

1. *Barks*

2. Okay I Want This

3. For The Low Price Of $1200 This Lion Made Out Of “Deer Skin” Could Be Yours. Found On Fb Marketplace

4. Anacornda

5. What I Remember Church Being Like



8. When You Get To The Front Of The Line And Don’t Know What To Order…

9. Not Entirely Sure What Kind Of Animal This Is

10. This Is Selling For $320

11. Waiting For Someone To Laugh At Your Joke Like

12. A…Dragon Sheep?

13. I’ll Take 3

14. Just A Bucktooth Sheep

15. It’s Okay, I’ve Never Seen A Koala Either

16. Felt Cute, Might Delete Later



19. Should I Be Concerned That Animals Are Turned Into Literal Punching Bags

20. Why The Long Face?

21. Is This A Kardashian

22. Spork

23. Moonse

24. Every Day We Stray Further From God’s Light


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