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Some Gym Fails To Lift Your Spirits And Nothing Else (25 Pics)

Gyms were closed for the majority of this year, and I think I missed seeing funny gym fails more than I missed working out. These people obviously had someone tell them “it doesn’t matter how hard you go because you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.” It turns out there really is a wrong way to work out and these people found it.

1. No Vein, No Gain.


3. Well, I’m Not Going To Pay For A Gym AND Cable

4. Planet Fitness Has Entered The Chat


6. Is This Before A Date To Get A Pump Or Did It Go Poorly?

7. Making Sure None Of His Blood Makes It To His Muscles

8. If It’s Not Pink, You Might Get Too Bulky

9. Don’t Sign Me Up For A 5 PM Personal Training Session And Tell Me I Can’t Drink

10. She Like Cats? Say No More


12. But Really Where Can I Buy This

13. I Get Likes With A Little Help From My Friends

14. This Actually Is Her First Rodeo, How Could You Tell?

15. He’s Prepping For A Sex Thing I’m Just Not Sure Which One

16. The Only Way To Immersively Watch America’s Next Top Model

17. Whatever Gets You To The Finish Line

18. My Kind Of Cardio


20. I Mean, He *Is* Lifting

21. CrossFit Step 1: Gotta Make Sure That Form Is Completely Wrong

22. Doing Good?

23. He’s The Second Generation To Drop Weights On Their Children’s Head

24. Training For Driving A Flintstone Car

25. Looking For Gym Rats

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