People Ask “Does Anybody Else…” Questions, And You Are Not Alone (10 Questions)

There’s no user manual for life. The only real way to learn is to ask other humans personal questions. The problem is, the older you get, the more awkward it is to ask another adult stuff like that. Luckily, that’s what the internet is for.

Anonymous awkward questions and confessions are the bread and butter of online content. “Anyone else try to move things with their mind as an adult?” “What exactly are taxes?” “How far in are you guys putting your fingers when you wipe?” You are not alone, and we have answers.

1. Does anyone else stay up too late despite needing to sleep because you don’t want your free time to end?

Or use the early morning.

Where most of us are at.

A possible solution.

2. Does anyone else think the music they listen to is really good while listening alone, but when showing it to others, they get extremely self-conscious about it?

Personal question about the most vulnerable art form.

3. Does anybody else not feel comfortable if they have things to do later in the day?


The buffer hour.

Dred occupies all.

Scheduling stuff beforehand.

4. Does anybody else like sleeping with a fan blowing on them but being buried under the covers?

But some are in it for the COLD.

5. Does anybody else continue to type their full sentence even when their keyboard freezes so they can watch the sentence type itself up when it unfreezes?

Make a game of it.

6. Does anybody else really love pre-tornado, windy, apocalyptic-feeling weather?

That darkness is surreal.

7. Does anybody else check their pee color and feel proud of themselves when they see that clear hydrated urine?

Super pee.

“Contracted mild death.”

8. Does anybody else restart a good song if they are distracted and not appreciate the song enough?


9. Does anybody else get lost in nostalgia while cleaning out storage and then spend the whole time looking at old photos, playing with old toys, etc instead of actually cleaning?

The old Gameboy will get you every time.

10. Does anybody else wait to eat their meal until they have found the right show or movie to watch on tv?

This is what YouTube videos are for.

Happens all the time.


Happy hunting.

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