Buy A House They Said (35 Home Improvement Fails)

Home improvement fails make me feel better about living in an apartment. There are a lot of perks of owning a home but if fixing stuff isn’t your thing, it’s probably more annoying than anything. You have to take care of it or you’ll end up living in a dump.

Now that all of my friends are buying houses I’m starting to get the itch. Get me a pair of those dad new balance shoes so I can turn them green moving the lawn for the second time this week. It’s funny how you hit a certain age and home improvement projects look fun.

These people know the trials of home improvement. Whether you’re hiring someone to install a new toilet or trying to do the job yourself, these home improvement fails will make you miss living in an apartment.

1. “When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office”


2. “What Happens When You’re Renovating And Remove A Load-Bearing Wall”


3. “Spraying Weed Killer Instead Of Weed N Feed”


4. “DIY Fail”


5. “Main Water Valve Was Not Shut Off For The Winter In A Cabin”


6. “My Wife Said Measure The Door, I Told Her All Doors Are The Same Size…”


7. “Rude Awakening”


8. “A Friend Sent Me This Picture Today”

“Wife went to get the Christmas tree from the attic. Told her not to step on the drywall. She later admitted she didn’t know what drywall was”

9. “The Little Nail That Could And Two Hammers That Couldn’t”


10. “Wife Bought A New Plant Pot And Put It On The Shelf Over The Toilet. And Hour Later We Heard A Crash…”


11. “It’s So Hot In Australia, Our Outdoor Lights Melted”


12. “Kitchen Cabinets Decided To Yeet Themselves At 4 In The Morning”


13. “Went Down To The Basement To Do Laundry…”


14. “Lockdown Renovations Look So Easy On Instagram”


15. “Time To Move, I Guess”


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at